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Only the most reputable and trustworthy link builders will be working on your website, ensuring the quality of the backlinks

Increase Your Website’s Traffic

increase website traffic For somebody who owns a website, the main goal is always increasing the number of visitors. This is even more important if your website is for business. Having many visitors can mean reaching you goal in revenue and the flourishing of your business. On the opposite end, the absence of traffic may well mean the demise of your site. It is the lifeblood of any web presence. As traffic is so important to a website’s survival, you need to adopt and utilize every strategy that would help you increase it. Countless websites out there are after the same market as yours, and you are all competing for them to visit your site. For a webpage to have a chance in this competition, customers must be able to find it in search engines. For your business to win it all, it must be found at the top of your keywords’ search results. That is why search engine optimization is a requirement for an ecommerce web page these days.

Search engine optimization is the process of honing a website to improve its ‘visibility’ in the web especially in keywords’ search results. There are many strategies and tactics that can be used in SEO to achieve this. Throughout the years, one strategy that proved to be effective in achieving long lasting results is link building.

Link building, the process of cultivating links of your website in other websites, has proven over the years its potency in achieving excellent and lasting results. However, this strategy has been tarnished by dubious practices in the recent past and has caused Google and other search entities to crack down on these illegal activities. This has resulted in the decline of link building’s reputation as an SEO strategy, which is in all honesty, undeserved. It is still a very viable approach in marketing and Ecommerce and if done right, can still be very effective in increasing your web visitors.

The Value of Link Building

Backlinks, or the links pointing back to your site, has and is still one of the most important components of the search engine ranking formula. Because these links are so valuable deciding in keyword search results, many SEO practitioners developed ways to exploit it. Many dubious practices came out of this and it resulted to skewed search results.

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Search Engines Reformed

This prompted Google and others to change their algorithm to weed out these dubious practices and restore the accuracy of their keyword search results. Today, it isn’t the number of backlinks that gives value to the web page but the relevance and quality of these links. Many sites were affected by this, especially those that have augmented their links artificially using black-hat methods. These sites saw their rankings go down and their traffic along with it. Many sites have not been able to recover. Many were convinced that the practice of building links is becoming less beneficial and no longer worth it. Developing backlinks no longer bear the same fruit that it did years before. There are even notions that these links are harmful to a web page and might earn it penalties. This notion can’t be more wrong.

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Link Building is Still Valuable

Despite the changes that have been made in the algorithms, link relevance remain at its core. Links are still votes of confidence to your web page, and the best and most relevant links will get you to the top of SERPs. As of this time, Google has not developed an algorithm that can get accurate results without taking into account link relevance. Backlinks still has a long way to go before it will get supplanted by social media and other forms of recommendation. For now, however, link building remains the best approach in increasing pagerank and giving you the best chance in being found in organic searches.

Link Building and its Benefits

Increasing your site’s ranking is a great benefit that can be taken advantage of using link building. However, it can do a lot more if used right.
  1. Links gets your content found – aside from increasing keyword search rankings, links can also improve your website’s visibility. Being linked by an important web page with a substantial amount of regular visitors can be a huge marketing success in terms of being exposed to an entirely new group that would not be able to find you otherwise.

  2. It brings in direct traffic – The sites you get to point to your own through links, the more people will be able to click on that link and visit your site. If a popular site recommends your product, you will be able to take advantage of high quality traffic and elevate your market base.

  3. Link building is brand building – Not everyone who sees your link will click on it. This is not a loss, however, as it can also bear fruit in the future. The fact that a potential customer has seen you link has implanted your brand in that individuals mind and he might call on you at a later time.

  4. Link building can really be beneficial for your webpage and business. After all that has happened in the past few years, it has remained essential in the SEO process. What has changed is the algorithm. It has become stricter in clamping down on more spammy practices. That’s is why care must be taken in choosing and implementing these strategies to reap the best possible benefits and avoid being penalized. With SEO and link building, you will be able to realize the potential of your site and make it the ultimate marketing tool at your disposal.

Acquiring a Link Building Service

A Shift in the Paradigm

No doubt can be raised that link building as an SEO strategy can be very beneficial for you and your webpage. There are benefits that you can only take advantage of through it. However, the search engine optimization landscape has changed in recent years. Search engines have changed. Many of the tactics that were prevalently used before have now been invalidated and are now harmful to use. Though the value of link building remains, it is the practices and ideologies that have changed. To maximize the power of link building, you will need the assistance of experts and professionals in the field.

Google and other organic search entities have made SEO and link building campaigns difficult and labor intensive. The algorithms today take into account the relevance of your links and the cultivation of these links must be as natural and organic as possible, otherwise you web page can be tagged and penalized. Search engines, Google particularly, are very serious about this and will not hesitate to take action to violators of their guidelines.

What you need are professionals who are passionate in what they do. They are experts in white-hat practices and will do things according to the guidelines to avoid the backfiring of your campaign. They are flexible and will understand what you need, and will implement modern tactics and strategies to address these needs and reach your goal. They are able to strive in the difficulty and flourish within the challenge, making your web page penalty proof but at the same time maximize chances of reaching your market.

how we can help

How We Can Help

We understand how difficult the situation is for you. Your time is valuable and you would rather spend it doing the important stuff. Your success is important to us so we’re offering to help you out. We’ll take this off your hands and we’ll do what we do best.

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They are also aware that they are competing with each other for your business. This assures that the price of their quotes will be the most competitive. You are in full control of the outcome. Through us, you will be able improve you site’s potential to succeed.

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